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Welcome to Mulligan Street

Hi, and welcome to Mulligan Street, where second chances are a way of life.

I'm Susan.  My husband Len and I are the proud parents of four often amazing kids--all adopted: the first was adopted at birth here in the states; the second came home at 18 months from China; finally, we adopted a sister and brother, 10 and 5, from Viet Nam.  We also have a houseful of rescue cats and dogs. Until we started full-timing, we also three charming goldfish rescued from the feeder tank, but we found them a good home. This is the second marriage for both of us.  I love rehabbing furniture and fixing things.  A couple of days after somebody t-boned our car and totaled it, the best deal we found was the same year, same model, same color ... Our lives are all about second chances and are the richer for them. 


A few years ago, as we approached retirement, we had an idea.  We had camped in New England and loved it, but winter was another thing.  Suppose we bought a well-insulated RV and gave a New England winter a try before committing to living there?  (Silly us, we didn't realize that the campgrounds up there shutter in October, but we do now!) It wasn't long before that idea grew into full-timing for a couple of years to see the country, visit family and friends, and look for that special place where we'd put down roots.  

As word spread about what we were planning, people kept asking us to keep them updated on the reno and on our travels, and so this blog was born.  Then what to call it?  One day, it came to me. While neither of us is a golfer, we knew what a mulligan was: a second chance. We started talking about all the second chances in our lives ... and so Mulligan Street it was.  


While the early blog posts focus primarily on the renovation of our camper and our sticks-and-bricks house, I will also use it to document our travels--yes, with our pets--and much more, things like adopting our children, refinishing furniture, reviving old friendships and making new friends along the way.  Second chances.  


Some people call this stage--when the nest is empty and careers have ended--the third third of life; I like to think of it as the third quarter. With a little luck, we still have quite a few good years to work and play, to try new things, to see this beautiful country and enjoy all it has to offer.


We'd love to have you come along.  Please add comments, ask questions, email and share. We are learning a lot as we renovate, and I try to give as much detail as I can for those facing (or thinking of facing) the same challenges. Maybe I'll even inspire someone else to try something they never thought they would (trust me, I certainly am these days!). I love to be inspired, too. 

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